Sport runs through my veins and I’m a huge fanatic. I’ve played a lot of sports and I watch a lot of sports. Liverpool FC, Miami Heat, Three Lions, Springboks are some of the sports teams I travel for including many others.

I enjoy travelling, having been privileged to have be raised in a family that doesn’t enjoy being at home this gave me the opportunity to go everywhere. I’m at 52 countries and counting so far. Somewhat of a globetrotter I guess 🤷🏽‍♂️

I’m a huge dog lover. I want to pet them all. I have one myself and we enjoy going on hikes together around the Burnaby area and all over B.C. We try to take a trip at least one weekend every month to explore nature since we live in an apartment

Check out a few images that describe my life ⬇️ and scroll to the bottom for a surprise

Click on the link below ⬇️ to watch me talk about absolutely nothing . Enjoy👍🏾


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