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How diverse is your PLN?

My PLN quite diverse and it’s what I like to call a rainbow nation as coined by South Africans. That term was one of their selling points during their 2010 world cup bidding process. This just refers to how multi-national it is and covers a huge demographic. It’s based on people who have different backgrounds and cultures in terms of upbringing, language, culture and opinion. Emphasis on staying hungry and humble has been highlighted through my desire to attain the highest level of success. This was a staple for me to have any success representing my nation at various levels in my sporting career. I expect the same collaboration from my PLN which enables us to build stronger relationships.

Are you learning from a variety of diverse voices and are you expanding your understanding of the views of others?

I enjoy absorbing information and learning from those around me. I know I’m brilliant because I’m not, I just use my ability to absorb information to make it seem as if I’m brilliant. I do let my leadership skills come through when required but I would rather blend with the crowd and enjoy the brilliance around me. I always battle with this and this is what I have managed to come up with:

The old saying goes “should I dim my lights so that others can shine brighter.” I say be careful how you think about this. Make your light illuminate others and elevate them to another stratosphere. Don’t make your light a blinding light.

Tinashe Maupah and oral tradition, (2021, June 26) Apple Notes

What is the learning outcome of your PLN and how are you ensuring your exposure to diversity and inclusion?

The diversity of my PLN ensures that inclusion is key. Conversations cover various topics on podcasts and just general conversation sitting on the balcony on a Friday evening having some beer. Cultural differences bring about various discussions which in turn breaks down barriers and helps to grow the relationships.

I listen, process and learn from my PLN which pushes me to broaden my reading and improve on my critical analysis. Having multiple perspectives on atopic is always helpful and also helps in not being tone deaf to other opinions. For example, living downtown Vancouver has enabled me to do some research and write a small piece on the Opoid Crisis and what drug users face daily. Download the document below ⬇️ to see what I came up with.

Going through the material on inclusion and PLN I have realised that inclusion is not only physical but intellectual. The people you spend the most time around are the same people that shape you and your mentality.

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